How is UHT Milk the Healthiest Milk?

Before getting started with the various benefits of UHT milk (Ultra-High Temperature), let us first understand what UHT milk is. There are two pasteurization methods used while manufacturing milk, the high-temperature short-time pasteurization method and the ultra-high temperature pasteurization method. Both processes involve killing harmful microorganisms present in the milk. However, in the Ultra-High Temperature pasteurization methods, the milk is heated at above 135 °C (275 °F) for 2 to 5 seconds to eradicate various types of pathogenic and non-pathogenic microorganisms. The non-pathogenic microorganisms eradicated during this process are responsible for making the milk go bad in just a few days. 

What are the Advantages of Ultra-High Temperature pasteurized Milk? 

There are plenty of benefits of choosing ultra-high temperature pasteurized low-fat milk over other types of milk. However, mentioned below are only a few that will surely convince you to switch to Ultra-High Temperature pasteurized milk: 

1. The processing time required is Less

Since the pasteurized milk has already been treated at an optimum temperature once, sterilizing it makes it lighter and all microorganisms are almost completely eradicated. Hence, the processing time required is less as the impurities have been eliminated already. As a result, you can easily brew yourself a cup of tea or coffee in just a few minutes. 

2. Its Lifespan increases significantly 

Many people face issues with the short lifespan of HTST low-fat milk. The milk often expires before you can even consume it. You do not face this issue when you consume UHT milk. Since the non-pathogenic microorganisms that make the milk bad in a few days are eradicated completely, it can easily last a few months when contained in an air-tight container and stored in a cool place. However, you must drink the tetra pack milk in just two or three days after opening it. 

3.  Untreated Milk  is not as safe as UHT Milk

While consuming anything, you must ensure that it is completely healthy. The UHT treatment destroys the heat-resistant bacteria present in low-fat milk. This helps to ensure that the milk is a safe choice for your kids. You can consume UHT milk readily without having to worry that it might affect your health and make you fall sick.

If you want to buy UHT branded milk, make sure that you only buy from renowned brands like Lactel. It is one of the top milk brands in the world and sells all its products at very reasonable rates. 

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