Know the Best Indian Recipes with Yoghurt


Yoghurt has various health benefits. It contains calcium for bone development. Also, it
contains probiotics (good bacteria) that improve your gut health. If you are experiencing
indigestion or inflammation, consuming yoghurt can provide you with a lot of relief.
Moreover, yoghurt contains various other essential elements that boost your immune
system. Depending on your preferences, you can consume yoghurt in any way you want.
While consuming just plain yoghurt is fine, you can consider preparing various yoghurt
recipes at home as well.
You can make various everyday yoghurt recipes. From something as simple as raita and
lassi to various delectable Indian curries, there are many Indian yoghurt recipes you can
consider. If you are not sure about which Indian yoghurt recipes you should make,
mentioned below are some of the best yoghurt recipes you can try:

1. Palak raita

If you are eating rice or pulao, your meal will be incomplete without raita. This yoghurt
recipe plays a very crucial role in Indian meals. It is mainly consumed during summers in thedrink has several health
benefits. People prefer drinking it to combat dehydration as well. To make your raita more
delicious, you can add various vegetables or fruits or a combination of both. Many people
prefer adding spices like cumin seeds powder, chilli powder, etc. These ingredients will
enhance the taste of this yoghurt recipe and its health benefits. However, if you want
something sweet, mango raita or pineapple raita is a great choice. Other famous Indian
yoghurt raitas are boondi raita, and pudina raita.

2. Kadhi

If you are familiar with Gujarati cuisine, you must know what kadhi is. This delicacy is easy to
make and the preparation does not take very long. The dish has a sweet and spicy taste that
stimulates your taste buds. Many aromatic ingredients are used in this yoghurt recipe like
cumin seeds, curry leaves, and asafetida as well. You can further add pakodas or various
vegetables to enhance the taste of your kadhi. Common types of kadhis prepared in India
are Dapka kadhi, Bhatia Kadhi, and Punjabi Pakoda Kadhi. You can enjoy it with khidchi or
rice depending on your preferences.

3. Chaat

Looking for a delicious Indian yoghurt snack? Consider preparing chaats at home. This is
one of the best yoghurt recipes. You can use different ingredients for making chaats.
Commonly, various vegetables, chutneys, and spices are used for delicious chaats. The
most common snack served is aloo chaat. Using yoghurt in aloo chaat is necessary. Without
sufficient yoghurt, your aloo chaat will taste bland.
Yoghurt can also be consumed as a beverage and it is extremely healthy. Want to buy good-
quality yoghurt drinks that are also beneficial for your health? Consider buying from
renowned brands like Lactel only.


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