Local Milk or UHT Treated Milk (Ultra High Temperature ) Which one should you pick?


Adding milk to your daily diet is often recommended by doctors. This is because milk
has many essential vitamins and minerals that benefit your body in various ways.
However, you have to be careful while choosing the type of milk. Choosing local
milk is not recommended because it can cause various illnesses. Since local milk is
not treated properly, it contains various pathogenic microorganisms that can make
you sick. Compared to local milk, UHT treated milk is a much safer choice. In the
ultra-high temperature (UHT) pasteurization method, the milk is first heated to 138°C
(280°F) and then its temperature is immediately brought down after one or two
seconds. If you are not aware of the benefits of UHT treated milk, here are a few
that will convince you to choose ultra-high temperature milk over local milk;

1. Increased shelf life

Many people face a lot of trouble because of the short shelf-life of local milk. Since
it gets spoiled within a few days, there is a very high chance of wastage. To solve
this issue, you can opt for UHT or ultra-pasteurized milk. Compared to local milk, it
has a higher shelf-life. This is because the UHT process kills the microorganisms
responsible for spoiling the milk. Further, since ultra-high temperature milk is
packed in air-tight containers, the milk can easily last a few months as long as it is
sealed. Hence, people who want the milk to last longer can opt for UHT-treated

2. Easy to digest

Although people are advised to drink milk regularly, it may not be possible for
everyone. This is because many people have a weak stomach and can face difficulty
in digesting milk properly. However, in the UHT method, all the impurities and
bacteria are killed. As a result, the milk gets lighter on the stomach and easier to
digest. Hence, people who experience difficulty in digesting local milk can very easily
consume UHT treated milk.

3. Beneficial to your health

There is a common misconception that ultra-high temperature milk is not as
nutritious as fresh milk. Although heating milk will make it lose its nutrients, milk is
not heated long enough during the UHT process that it will lose its nutritional value.
Since it is heated at a high temperature only for a few seconds, the nutritional value
of ultra-high temperature milk stays the same even though the pathogenic
microorganisms die. Hence, you get all the essential nutrients like protein,
phosphorus, carbohydrates, zinc, potassium, calcium, magnesium, vitamins A,
riboflavin, B12, etc. when you drink ultra-high temperature milk.
If you want to buy UHT treated milk, only buy from top milk manufacturers in the
country like Lactel. Lactel sells good quality UHT milk at very reasonable rates.


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