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People all over the world have been consuming milk for millennia. It is widely considered among the most basic human needs. One of the leading producers of milk in the world, India contributes to around 18% of the total milk produced throughout the world. A hot favourite in households across India, milk has been a daily staple for people across the country for generations. While some start their day with a glass of fresh milk, others drink it before they hit the bed. One thing’s for sure, we Indians love our daily serving of milk.

Making it safe for consumption, it is a standard practice for milk brands to pasteurize their milk before making it available to their customers. Today, all milk available in the market can be broadly classified into Pasteurized Milk and Ultra Pasteurized Milk or UHT Milk

UHT Milk

Before we discuss its advantages, let us first look into what UHT or Ultra Pasteurized Milk is all about. The UHT or Ultra High Temperature process is an effective modern method of pasteurizing milk. Ultra Pasteurized or UHT treated milk is nothing but milk processed through ultra-high temperatures. In this process of pasteurization, the milk is heated in a continuous flow system at 135-150 degree Celsius for 1-8 seconds before being packed in a sterilised container. This process destroys almost all the harmful bacteria or microorganisms present in the milk.

Advantages of UHT Milk

Recent years have seen a steep rise in the popularity of UHT treated milk. With more people going for UHT milk, there has been a rapid growth in its demand. In order to understand the factors that have led to its growing popularity, let’s have a look at some of its advantages.

Extended Shelf life

UHT or Ultra Pasteurized milk is known to last much longer than regular milk. Once the milk is processed through UHT, it is packed into air-tight containers in a sterile environment. The shelf life of UHT milk that comes in air tight packaging ranges from 6 to 9 months. A combination of its unique packaging and UHT treatment gives UHT milk an extended shelf life without the use of preservatives.

Less Processing Time

Once pasteurised, the number of microorganisms and enzymes in UHT milk is almost reduced to zero. As the impurities and harmful bacteria are eliminated, the milk becomes lighter and the time taken to process it further is remarkably reduced. As a matter of fact, the elimination of harmful enzymes and bacteria means that UHT treated milk can even be consumed directly.

High Nutritional Value

Highly beneficial for your health, UHT milk is loaded with essential nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, calcium, zinc, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, riboflavin, vitamins A and B12.

Aseptic Packaging

UHT milk comes in a unique six-layered aseptic packaging, which prevents your milk from contamination. In this process of packaging, both the product and the package are separately sterilized. To assure absolute purity of the product, it is sealed in a sterile environment.

High Quality

The reduction in processing time due to UHT treatment lends the milk minimal come-up and cool-down time, thus resulting in a higher quality product.

Safer Than Untreated Milk

The UHT processing of milk destroys the heat-resistant bacteria in your milk, which makes UHT milk safer for you and your kids to consume.

Serving a wide range of health benefits, UHT milk is extremely hygienic, delicious, nutritious and free from preservatives. A popular product in the market, UHT milk is easily available everywhere and there’s long list of brands selling it. Among all the brands offering UHT milk, one name that truly stands out is Lactel milk. One of the first leading brands to introduce UHT milk, Lactel offers a range of classic and UHT milk available in safe tetra packs-try them today!


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