What makes Yoghurt Products a Healthy Choice?


To produce yoghurt, milk is first heated to 180 degrees F and then its temperature is brought down to 112-115 degrees F. This process helps to eradicate all the pathogenic microorganisms from the milk. Now, lactic acid bacteria, Lactobacillus Bulgaricus and Streptococcus Thermophilus are added to it. After stirring, the milk is poured into jars and incubated for 7 to 9 hours.

Experts suggest adding yoghurt to your daily diet. It has plenty of benefits including:

  1. Improved Digestion

Consume yoghurt for digestion. Youghurt helps to kill the harmful bacteria present in your gut and facilitates the digestion process. People who suffer from lactose intolerance, inflammatory bowel issues, constipation, etc. can benefit from consuming yoghurt significantly. 

2.  Better Immune System

By consuming yoghurt drinks regularly, you can improve your body’s immune system and reduce the chances of falling sick. The contents of yoghurt like magnesium, selenium, and zinc help to prevent flu, gastrointestinal issues, common cold, and even cancer. 

3.  A Reduced Chance of Cancer

Consuming yoghurt can reduce the chances of cancer significantly because it contains anti-carcinogenic properties. You can prevent colon cancer, bladder cancer, and breast cancer. 

4.  Control over Blood Sugar Levels

If you consume yoghurt every day that is unsweetened, it can help to regulate your blood sugar levels. People with type 2 diabetes should consider consuming homemade yoghurt daily. 

5.  Bone and Tooth development

As mentioned before, milk is used for making yoghurt. Hence, it is a good source of calcium as well. Calcium plays a crucial role in not only developing your bones but also your teeth. By consuming yoghurt drinks every day, you can strengthen your bones and teeth. This helps to prevent any bone or dental-related diseases as well. 

6.  Reduced Inflammation

Inflammation is quite common and often responsible for diabetes, cancer, and arthritis. By consuming yoghurt daily, inflammation can be reduced in your body. 

7.  Low Blood Pressure 

Yoghurt helps to maintain a low blood pressure level. Since high pressure is one of the main reasons behind various heart diseases, consuming yoghurt can reduce the chances of heart diseases. 

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