How to Check the Purity of Milk At Home

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However, there are some pure milk tests that can help you to understand if the milk is adulterated or not

Adding pure milk to your daily diet has numerous benefits. It is a great source of calcium, vitamin D, and many other essential nutrients required by your body for development. Further, milk can improve your skin quality and give it a glow. However, be careful while purchasing milk. Many brands adulterate milk so that they can sell it at a cheaper price and earn more profit. You must avoid consuming adulterated milk at all costs. Instead of having positive impacts on your body, it can deteriorate your health. To avoid such issues, you must always purchase branded milk from Lactel. It offers the most healthy milk that is nutrition-packed and perfectly safe for your family. However, there are some pure milk tests that can help you to understand if the milk is adulterated or not:

Boil it:

You can understand if the milk is adulterated by boiling it on low flame for a couple of hours until it solidifies. Once it becomes rock solid, check the residue. If it is rough, the milk is adulterated. On the other hand, good-quality milk will have an oily residue.

Test for Synthetic Milk: Various chemicals are combined together to create synthetic milk. Although it appears like pure milk, it does not taste like it. You can recognize synthetic milk from its bad taste. It has a soapy texture and turns yellowish if you heat it.

Check if it leaves a trail:

Put a drop of the milk on your palm or any surface and slant it slightly. If the milk flows slowly leaving a white trail behind it, it is pure milk. However, if it moves fast without leaving any white trail, it has been adulterated with water. Although milk adulterated with water may not be harmful to your health, it is surely an unnecessary extra expense.

Add a pinch of salt:

Scratch is often used for adulterating milk. You can identify it by adding iodine to it. Take 5 ml of milk and add a pinch of salt to it. If it has been adulterated with starch, the mixture will turn blue. Otherwise, the colour will remain intact.

The sulphuric acid test:

Formalin is commonly used by manufacturers to increase the shelf life of milk. Since it is transparent, you cannot identify it. You can test the purity of the milk by adding a few drops of sulphuric acid to 10 ml of milk. If you notice a blue ring at the intersection of the layers, it is not safe milk.