Healthy Mango Yoghurt Drink (Lassi) Must Try at Home

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To beat the extreme heat in summers, people should consume more fluids. It will help to keep the body hydrated and cool. If you do not drink sufficient fluids, you might experience various health complications. You do not have to necessarily drink only water. There are various tasty drinks that you can make at home. One of the most popular options you can consider is mango lassi or a mango yoghurt drink.
As the name suggests, the primary ingredients of mango lassi or a mango yoghurt drink is mango and yoghurt. It is very tasty and healthy. Also, you can make it easily at home. You can use any type of yoghurt for making your lassi like low-fat yoghurt, plain yoghurt, thick Greek yoghurt, etc. Spices like cardamom and cinnamon can be added as well for added flavour. Some people even replace fresh mangoes with frozen or canned ones. In other words, you can easily make this healthy drink at home without breaking a sweat. However, if you do not have free time at all, only choose brands like Lactel for buying mango lassi to ensure it is healthy.
Here is an easy mango recipe for 2 people you can prepare at home:

Mango Lassi Ingredients

● Mango: As mentioned earlier, you can use fresh, frozen, or canned mangoes depending on your choice. (Quantity – 1 cup)
● Yoghurt: For a thick and healthy drink, you can consider using Greek yogurt. However, plain yoghurt or low-fat yoghurt can be used as well. Vegans can opt for plant-based yoghurt for making their mango lassi. (Quantity – 1/2 cup)
● Milk: A little amount of milk is necessary to ensure that a nice consistency is maintained. You can use any type of milk you like. (Quantity – 1/2 cup)
● Sweetener: Sugar is used for making the drink sweet. However, you can use honey as well if you want a healthier option. (Quantity – 2 tbsp)
● Spices: Although many people do not add spices, you can add ground cinnamon or cardamom for added flavour. (Quantity – Just 1 pinch)


Making mango lassi is very easy and takes very little time. You just need a blender for it. Add all the ingredients mentioned above to a blender and blend them together for a few minutes. Your mango yoghurt drink will be ready. If you feel that the drink is not blended properly, you can continue for another minute or two. Pour this healthy drink into a glass and enjoy!
Nutrition Information (1 glass of mango lassi)
● Fiber: 1 g (4%)
● Fat: 4 g (6%)
● Saturated Fat: 2 g (13%)
● Calcium: 150 mg (15%)
● Calories: 187 kcal (9%)
● Carbohydrates: 35 g (12%)
● Cholesterol: 14 mg (5%)
● Protein: 4 g (8%)
● Sodium: 56 mg (2%)
● Iron: 0.1 mg (1%)
● Vitamin A: 1050 IU (21%)
● Sugar: 34 g (38%)
● Vitamin C: 29.7 mg (36%)
● Potassium: 314 mg (9%)