5 Health Benefits of Low-Fat Yogurt


While it might seem like a new health trend, humans have been consuming yogurt for ages. Yogurt is highly nutritious, and a wealth of research suggests that consuming it regularly boosts various aspects of your health. Known for enhancing healthy gut bacteria, yogurt is made by fermenting milk with yogurt culture. There are three main varieties of yogurt:

  • Low-fat yogurt.
  • Plain yogurt.
  • Set yogurt.

In this article, we specifically deal with yogurt and its health benefits. Strained yogurt is the yogurt which is strained to remove most of its whey. This process results in a thicker consistency compared to regular yogurt, while still retaining the distinctive taste of yogurt. What we get is a creamier yogurt with less sugar, more carbs, and a tart taste. With its versatility and high nutritional value, yogurt has become increasingly popular in recent times and is here to stay. It is a nutrient-rich snack that serves a wide range of health benefits. So let’s take a look at 5 such health benefits that you might not know.

Great Source of Protein

An excellent source of quality protein, yogurt is known to have much higher amounts of protein than milk. Getting adequate amounts of protein is crucial for your nerves, immune system and fluid balance. One of the main nutrients that provide energy, protein helps build and develop muscles, bones, blood, cartilage, skin and hair.

Rich in Calcium

With its high calcium content, yogurt can help you build strong muscles and promote the functioning of vital organs. It is also an excellent food option in order to maintain optimal bone health. Studies show that one serving of yogurt has around 18% of your daily value for calcium. As our bodies don’t produce calcium on its own, yogurt is the perfect way to fulfil the body’s calcium requirements.

The Power of B12

Yogurt serves as a natural and powerful source of vitamin B12, which is typically found in animal products like eggs, fish, meat, etc. It serves as an excellent source of vitamin B12 for vegetarians who are B12 deficient. Loaded with vitamin B12, yogurt helps promote brain functions, red blood cells production and DNA synthesis.

Packed With Probiotics

Packed with probiotics, yogurt can help boost your immune system and promote a healthy gut environment. Probiotics are healthy bacteria that live in the intestines and having these good bacteria in your system ensures good health. Studies show that probiotics can also help promote optimal brain health.

Good Source of Potassium

Studies suggest that one serving of yogurt contains 6-7% of your daily potassium requirement. A rich source of potassium, yogurt helps balance the sodium levels in your body and helps lower your blood pressure.

Yogurt has high nutritional value and is known to boost various aspects of your health on regular consumption. However, it is important to choose your yogurt wisely for maximum health benefits. France’s No. 1 brand, Lactel brings you a range of yogurt enriched with real fruits and live cultures that make it a healthy and delicious snack. If you’re looking to up your protein intake or prefer a thicker yogurt, Lactel’s plain yogurt is the way to go. Try Lactel’s Yogurt for a richer, thicker, and creamier experience enriched with all the benefits of live cultures.

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