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A rich source for a range of essential vitamins and minerals, milk has long been touted as one of the most popular health drinks. The effectiveness of milk in our daily diet is well known; it serves as an excellent source for a host of micronutrients that are essential for the optimal growth and development of our body. However, there have been some misconceptions about the consumption of Tetra Pack milk.

Is milk in Tetra Pack safe for consumption? Is it nutritious? Is it hygienic? Is it unadulterated?  First off, let’s get this out of our way that there’s nothing wrong with milk in tetra pack and it’s absolutely safe for consumption. In fact, it is probably the most sterile milk available in the market today. Busting all myths and misconceptions about milk in tetra pack, let us look into the factors that make it not only safe for consumption but an elixir for good health and well-being.

No Added Preservatives

Processed through a unique sterilization technique, milk in a tetra pack does not require preservatives. Milk in tetra pack is sterilized through a special process called UHT or Ultra Heat Treatment. This process of sterilization effectively removes all the bacteria or microorganisms which may cause the milk to spoil. It is a continuous process that takes place in a closed system to prevent the milk from any sort of contamination. The milk is processed through heating and cooling stages before being packaged in sterile tetra packs. A combination of its unique packaging and UHT treatment gives tetra pack milk an extended shelf life without the use of preservatives.

Safe and Aseptic Packaging

Tetra pack milk comes in a unique six-layered aseptic packaging, which prevents your milk from contamination. In this process of packaging, both the product and the package are separately sterilized. Moreover, tetra packs are made from 100% food grade materials. To assure the absolute purity of the product, it is sealed in a sterile environment. This unique style of packaging also allows the milk in the tetra pack to retain its nutritional value.


Requires No Boiling

Assuming it’ll destroy all the harmful bacteria and viruses present in the milk, we boil it for extended periods of time. While it may rid the milk of harmful microorganisms, it also takes away some vitamins and reduces the protein content of the milk. On the other hand, milk in tetra pack is processed through UHT treatment and doesn’t require further boiling. In this process of sterilization, the milk is heated to ultra high temperatures for only a few seconds. This destroys all the harmful microbes in the milk while preventing any loss of nutrients.

Safe for Kids

Milk in tetra pack is absolutely safe and nutritious for kids as well as adults. In fact, it is probably the most sterile milk available in the market. Milk in tetra pack is made completely microbe free before being sealed in sterile packs under sterilized conditions. It just can’t get better than that!

These factors combine to make tetra pack milk not only safe for consumption, but our best bet as far as health is concerned. Milk in tetra packs is highly nutritious and is absolutely safe for consumption; it is good for the kids as well as the adults in the family. There’s a long line-up of brands that offer milk in tetra packs, but one that truly stands out is Lactel. If you’re looking for premium quality tetra pack milk, Lactel should be your first choice. Lactel offers a range of classic milk and milk adapted to special needs available in safe tetra packs, try them today!


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